The alpha is public! Tell all your friends!

Download the Windows Installer

Download the Xbox 360 ccgame (creator’s club subscription required)

Enjoy the game! It’s stable, has local multiplayer, and is pretty fun. Pablo did some amazing artwork, and it was great to work with. I’ll be writing something about those cloud shaders soon.

Let me know what you think. I’m still in need of some music, I need more art, I need to change some sounds around, I need more UI, etc. etc. But the game is ready for playing, and the more feedback I get, the better I can make it. I’ll be getting married in a few weeks, but one the dust settles and XNA 3.0 is out, I’ll likely be adding Live support to this game and putting it up on the Creator’s Club Marketplace!

That’s the plan at least – we’ll see how crazy busy my life gets.

More information is included in the readme file, which you should definitely read for the Xbox 360 version (it’s not included in the setup):
View the Readme