I’ve been pretty silent lately because I’ve been pushing hard to finish my team’s Dream Build Play entry. I was lucky to get to work with Rockstar, Catalin and Greg on a game we’ve called Dream Sower (formerly Mind Tap).

Dream Sower is a pretty simple game. You’re in control of a Dream Sower – a small robot that is inside a dreamscape. Your goal is to fight off Nightmares and to keep the dream interesting by planting dream seeds. These seeds will alter the landscape, grow trees and refresh the land, all to keep it interesting for the dreamer (who will become bored if you don’t constantly entertain him).

The game has gone through several phases of development, lots of last-minute design changes, and some great testing. In fact, I had such good playtesting experiences that I might just have to write an article on it in the future.

We finished the yesterday (just in time to hear about the extension), and I prepared and uploaded an Xbox 360 version of the game for your enjoyment. I’ll be putting up a PC version and an updated Xbox 360 version later in the week, after I clean out a couple cobwebs in the code.

As always, comments are appreciated.

Download the Xbox 360 ccgame
Download the Windows Installer

(please let me know if either of these has any problems working)