About two weeks ago I thought, “hey, it’d be cool to make a game in 24 hours.” That of course meaning 24 hours total, not one day. So I made up a design for what should be a small game, and started off. Then the design grew (as these things do), and the number of players grew (because competition is fun!), and I even added a velociraptor. However, I also had a lot of stuff come up over the last couple weeks, which made me lose track of my time entirely – so I’m probably somewhere between 24 and 48 hours for this so far.

So I wanted to give all you readers a preview of the public alpha I’ll be releasing by the end of the day (assuming I don’t get loaded down with real life priorities between now and then). It runs on Windows and Xbox, supports up to four players, supports mouse and gamepad control (and keyboard if it makes it in), and is pretty entertaining. I just need to stamp out a few bugs, clean up some more interface stuff, and work on the initial difficulty curve before I’m ready to put this up as a public alpha.

Step Seven

The art is almost entirely by Pablo Poffald, a wonderfully keen artist I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past. I added a few things here and there (and wrote a shader to emulate some Photoshop effects – look for a tutorial on that in a few weeks).

So if everything goes well, I’ll be putting up an Alpha of this later today, for both Windows and Xbox. I’ll of course appreciate any feedback and bug reports.