Live Stream Browser

Live Stream Browser

My friend introduced me to League of Legends a while ago, and I haven’t looked back. I became fairly interested in live streaming of League of Legends matches, but there were a few streamers I particularly enjoyed watching. There didn’t seem to be any apps that would alert me when a streamer came online, so I made one! Apparently there were tens of thousands of people who were looking for the same sort of thing! I’ve since extended the code to support Dota 2 and Starcraft 2, with more games on the way!

The application pulls data from the APIs of two streaming sites, caches it in memory, then updates it at regular intervals. The frontend is a popout that sits by the address bar and lets you see streamers, mark them as favorites, and open streams. When favorite streamers come online, you’ll get a desktop alert! All of this on top of some nice pixel art (did I mention I was a pixel artist once upon a time?).



  • 2011 – Present


  • JavaScript
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Photoshop