I joined Jumala (then called Digini) in 2008. Back then, the team was working on a project called Blade3D – a 3D game engine with a very easy-to-use game design tool. The idea was to let anyone build a game. Over the course of the next few years, the company began on a new project called Jumala – a game built on a similar premise – let people build games.

I’ve built a lot of the technology behind Jumala, and it’s some of the best work I’ve ever done. My primary focus has been on the content architecture. The game is designed to be a very small download (< 20 MB), after which the levels are downloaded (also small) and the necessary graphics content is streamed in from low to high resolution. I designed and built a lot of the tech to enable that, and it’s pretty impressive in action.

In addition, I had my hands in a lot of different systems, including the UI, the chat server and client code, some server code, and some smaller tasks like terrain erosion algorithms and texture hue shifting. It’s pretty fun to work on a game about making games – you have to build your technology in anticipation of all sorts of crazy scenarios, all the while making sure it’s fun and easy to use.



  • Oct 2009 – Present


  • C#
  • .NET Framework
  • XNA Framework
  • HLSL
  • C++
  • SQL Server
  • Amazon Web Services
  • XMPP