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SQL Server XML

Apparently, since I last touched SQL Server they’ve added some pretty awesome XML support. SELECT SpecId as “@Id”, Name as “@Name”, Description as “Description” FROM tbSpecs FOR XML PATH(‘Spec’), TYPE; Returns XML straight out of SQL Server. The best thing? The “TYPE” clause on the FOR XML part makes it return as an XML data  Continue Reading »

Obsidian Portal Offline Backups

I played around with some XSLT last night and came up with a pretty nice-looking design for viewing Obsidian Portal’s offline backups. They’ll be adding them soon, and I’ll post one on here when they do! Obsidian Portal is a great site for managing a D&D campaign. My group just started using it and it’s  Continue Reading »

Acid Boots

Mike messaged me late last week with a challenge: make a game in under 10 hours and in less than a week. This is the result, from the bit of free time I’ve had after work: You can download the game here: Download the game You’ll need XNA installed to run it.

Xna Color Charts

I saw Brandon’s Xna Color Chart linked on Twitter, and thought it’d be great if the colors were sorted based on hue and value, so I went ahead and made some variations: Large Boxes: Colors, by Name Colors, by Hue Colors, by Hue (bands) Colors, by Hue (luminance sorted) Small Boxes: Colors, by Name Colors,  Continue Reading »

Hello World

Seems like forever since I updated. What have I been up to you ask? Well, getting married to my sweetheart mostly. I also got a new job and moved to the Seattle area (all of the above within about 2 weeks). The dust has finally settled a bit, so I’m here to tell you that  Continue Reading »

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